Welcome to Keine Hose Kein Problem.

We live freedom. We challenge the conventional way of thinking. We step beyond social norms and explore what could be. We bring comfort to the uncomfortable. We live freedom.

And now we spread the lifestyle of Keine Hose Kein Problem through our innovative designs. In our shop, you find beautiful designs to express your individuality wherever you go. Feel free to browse and see the Keine Hose Kein Problem designs in action.

Keine Hose Kein Problem is now involved in beekeeping by Hektar Nektar

We are like bees: We are Pantless Explorer, know no borders, fly through the world and make it a better place.

Why are bees important to us?

One of our childhood heroes is Baloo from The Jungle Book. He sings without pants about freedom, cosiness and buzzing bees. Since then we associate the buzzing of bees with lazy and relaxed days. We are very pleased to support the project 2028 and looking forward to more buzzing bees and lazy days.

What’s new?

Parookaville 2018 – Bingolinchen

Joining Parookaville 2018 in Weeze, Germany? You are in luck: Come over to Bingolinchen on Sunday and not only enjoy the greatest show ever, but also have the chance to win one of our beautifully crafted designs. Parookaville is one of the biggest House music festivals in the world. Its message resembles ours: Madness, love, and pure happiness. Go beyond what could be, enjoy life, and come see Keine Hose Kein Problem all around you!

Fire at Heart – Winter is Coming

We do not stop spreading the word of curiosity and adventure. And we do not stop creating what represents our lifestyle. That is why we created the beautiful Flaming Winter. The design is crafted to bring maximum warmth and softness to you, keeping fire of adventurism wild and strong all winter long.
Obviously we tested it under extrem conditions – our ambassadors travelled to the warmest and coldest places in the world to make sure it meets the Keine Hose Kein Problem standards. It does.

Get your own – Check it out in our shop!


He embodies everything we stand for: Adventure, Curiosity, Crossing Borders, Bravery, Fun and Amusement. The #PANTLESSEXPLORER – represented by the astronaut in shorts – goes beyond borders wherever he or she is. Find out more soon!