Fire at heart


A T-Shirt to carry Fire at Heart and the spirit of Keine Hose Kein Problem with you wherever you go.

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Keine Hose Kein Problem is about not conforming to every social norm. We carry delight, happiness, and love of adventure in our very souls. We know that beyond those prude rules there is excitement and ease. There, we find unforgettable nights, stunning trips, and true, fulfilling friendships.

Our #pantlessexplorers live this wherever they go. The Fire at Heart truly fuels their curiosity. The Fire at Heart is for women and men whose passion and adventurism burns as strong as ever.

The T-shirt is made of cotton, pleasantly cut and finished in Germany. The colors of the Keine Hose Kein Problem logo flow softly out of and into the T-Shirt and unite the beat of your heart with the energy that drives you to tread on new paths.

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