How to Pimp your Gentleman – 3 Beginner Ways to Fold your Pocket Square

Welcome, Gentlewomen and Gentlemen.

Today, we would like to share with you how beautifully individual and situation-dependent you can modify your Keine Hose Kein Problem Gentleman. When we designed the Gentleman at Land, we had your personal preferences in mind. Now you own your Gentleman, you impressed everyone with class and style – But you want to go beyond that. Then let us introduce you to the basics of folding your pocket square. Tell us your thoughts in the comments! Continue reading “How to Pimp your Gentleman – 3 Beginner Ways to Fold your Pocket Square”

Here we are

Keine Hose Kein Problem LogoHere we are.

It has been a long way, but our spirit, our life’s credo, finally has a face, and it is a beautiful one.

Keine Hose Kein Problem – in English “no pants no problem” – is not just a brand with products under its cover. Keine Hose Kein Problem embodies the joint spirit of a whole generation of young adults, their attitudes and dreams, their needs and wishes – in short: their ways of living. It comes from the bottom of our hearts themselves. And today, we want to give you a first explanation of what it symbolizes. Continue reading “Here we are”