Freedom for our feet

Freedom for our feet

We are apostles of freedom. Our only mission is to spread the message of Keine Hose Kein Problem. Not more, not less. Do not submit to social norms. Make new experiences, cross social boundaries, be curious, be yourself.
Our symbol is the absence of pants. But it’s not the only physical example of how we restrict ourselves. How we imprison ourselves without any reason. It’s not just pants that we wear everywhere we go and which imprison us. Especially at formal occasions, we are restricted by even more things – or in any social interaction outside our own four walls.


Keine Hose Kein Problem is not a friend of shoes. Shoes are prisons for feet. Shoes bring us discomfort. They limit our creativity and our happiness, like a prison cell limits our ability to move freely.

Why does this compulsion exist – this compulsion to wear shoes wherever you go? Sure, it makes sense to wear shoes on dirty roads. Or to protect your feet from injury. But in restaurants? At school? At work? At university? Why do we force ourselves to pull artificial skin over our real one for ours every day, limiting its capability to breath?

The feeling of taking off shoes is wonderful.

Imagine you are taking off your shoes. Imagine fresh, cool air moving from heel to toe. How your well-being increases. How your feet breathe.

Imagine exactly this, and then answer the following questions: Why do we follow the compulsion to wear shoes? Because the social norm wants it that way? Because everyone else is doing it? Are these real reasons?

Nobody stops us from being ourselves – being free – except ourselves. It does not matter how people look at you and think about you. It is important that you feel comfortable, that you can bring your full potential to everything you do. That you satisfy your curiosity.

Dare to do an experiment

Next time you’re at work, in college, in the restaurant, take off your shoes. If you’re shy, do it in secret, under the table. Move your toes, make fists with them. Feel the air that energizes your feet. Feel the freedom of your feet!

If you’re brave enough, do it like me: Go to work, take off your shoes and be creative, be yourself. And if you’re brave enough, put your feet on the table as a sign of freedom for your feet!

Pay attention to how people react around you. Some look down their noses at you, some shake their heads, others ignore you. And yet others will praise you for your courage – courage that they have never managed to bring up themselves. Motivate them to follow your example. Be an Apostle of Keine Hose Kein Problem. Spread the message and motivate others to follow you.

Let us shift what is the social norm.

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