Flaming Winter


Carry the Fire at Heart through the cold season with the cozy Flaming Winter of Keine Hose Kein Problem.

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We do want you to stay warm all year long and still be able to express our Keine Hose Kein Problem spirit wherever you go. We carry delight, happiness, and love of adventure in our very souls. And we proudly carry those values on our chest.

Our Flaming Winter hoodie pumps the fire of Keine Hose Kein Problem through your heart and veins, fueling your body with creative curiosity. Let your passion and adventurism burn strongly and warm you through all the dark season cold.

The hoodie is made of cotton, comfortably cut and finished in Germany. It has a smooth and cozy inner layer for your comfort. The colors of the Keine Hose Kein Problem logo flow softly out of and into the hoodie like its brother, the Fire at heart, and unite the beat of your heart with the energy that drives you to tread on new paths.

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