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Keine Hose Kein Problem LogoHere we are.

It has been a long way, but our spirit, our life’s credo, finally has a face, and it is a beautiful one.

Keine Hose Kein Problem – in English „no pants no problem“ – is not just a brand with products under its cover. Keine Hose Kein Problem embodies the joint spirit of a whole generation of young adults, their attitudes and dreams, their needs and wishes – in short: their ways of living. It comes from the bottom of our hearts themselves. And today, we want to give you a first explanation of what it symbolizes.

We somehow stopped being ourselves…

All through our growing-up lives, we have to conform to the limitations the world puts on top of us. Our parents taught us that we can achieve anything if we just work hard enough. Our teachers taught us that we need excellent grades to achieve anything at all. So we stopped playing in kindergarten and went to school. We focused on grades to get great jobs or get into good universities. We organized our schedules to fit streamlined CVs to get better and better jobs. And most of us, along the way, stopped being ourselves and started being like everyone else.

Society is mainly to blame for that. Society is the sum of all our beliefs. Whatever belief dominates within most individuals of society represents the common set of rules in a society. And it dictates these onto us. It expects us to follow the swarm. Every detour from this swarm route is socially punished. Any fire of individuality within your soul is blown out to put us in line. Acting different than what society and its norms expect from us is frowned upon.

Funny thing is: It is not the individuals‘ fault. Life within society’s boundaries is easy and safe. One fluffy, warm comfort zone. Easy to follow, easily accepted. The only price to pay is not to act outside the rule box and to look down one’s nose at anyone else.

…but we can find the freedom of our minds again

However, as normed as our growing-up lives are, the sparkle of individuality is never fully extinguished. Of course, there have always been outsiders. People not bowing to the standard rule book. I am not talking about outlaws and criminals – I cherish our juridical rulebook. I am talking about the creative and bright minds of each generation. The ones which step over social boundaries and show us new ways.

How did they manage to be how they were? To be how they are? They do not possess special powers. They do not physically divert from the rest. What does separate them from the herd, however, is an inextinguishable drive for experiences. To get everything possible from every encounter, talk, journey, or moment. And from stepping over the boundaries of society, they provoke new and refreshing experiences as well as happiness and inspiration within the streamlined individuals they interact with.

A simple example along the analogy of our brand slogan Keine Hose Kein Problem: Imagine being at a party. People chatter, drink, but subconsiously always try to stay within what society expects from them – fearing to do something embarrassing. All conversations are the same as they always are, all laughter is as standardized as it always is, all joy is as common as waking up in the morning. As much superficially fun the party is – it still somehow feels more like a prison. Countless fences blocking true interaction.

But this one guy shows up and gets rid of that prison right away. Drops his pants, enjoys the breath around his boxers and immediately breaks the usual flow of interaction. Provokes laughter, provokes new interesting conversations. Provokes one more step over the borders of social norms. And the beauty of it – even if it is just for one night – his drive pulls most of the streamlined individuals with him – at least for one night.

It is not just about no pants

The Keine Hose Kein Problem mindset is not just about removing your pants in situations which society dictates us to wear pants in. No. It is about thinking different, acting different, and seeing what comes from it in interaction with others. It is the sparkle of creativity which lights the fire of innovation which burns conventionalism down and creates true selves. The burning pants symbolize this freeing of your spirit from society’s borders, pushing us towards a problem-free world.

Here, on the Keine Hose Kein Problem lifestyle blog, we will bring to you interesting reads about what Keine Hose Kein Problem is about, about observations and tips and tricks on our designs, as well as fresh and delightful guest writers. We hope you enjoy our blog. Some posts will be English, some will be German, some will be both=)

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